CD-Crimea 2011
    • Голосов: 5
    • Оценка: 4,20

    Rope-way. Station ”Pine pine forest”

    The Rope-way "Mishor - A-Petri" recognised as unique at once after opening. It is considered unique to this day. It would Seem, what is such unusual in it? After all there are about one and a half tens rope-ways in Ukraine. And there is more than half from them - in Crimea. It appears, the matter is that between average and the top stations which divides about two kilometres, isn't present basic tower. And it already record of Europe! Besides, how still so quickly (all for 20 minutes), and without straining at all, to reach exorbitant heights? All who has dared to make travel on rope-way "Mishor - Ah-petri", expect not only explosions of emotions and original shock with fascinating feeling of flight, but also the whole set of recreational sights.

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