CD-Crimea 2011
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    • Оценка: 4,90

    Sanatorium Foros. At the main building

    Foros is one of the most non-polluting resorts of the Crimea. Among greens of Forossky park takes place sanatorium " Foros" with excellent medical and diagnostic base. Here is no fuss and noise. The cleanest air, the warm sea, warming sun, pebble beaches favorably influence the health of  having a rest people.

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    Обои для рабочего стола
    Друг, 18:43 09.06.2008   [ответить]
    А у меня здесь друзья свадьбу играли.!!!
    Мы еще за елками шампанское с клубникой пили/ели))))))))