CD-Crimea 2011
    • Голосов: 18
    • Оценка: 4,61

    Glory obelisk. An obelisk in the evening

    Breaking through the defense of the Nazi troops, the warriors of Novorossiysk division 318 climbed up the top and raised a red banner over the town in December 1943. Sevearl days later all Kerch was liberated from the conquerors.
    In order to immortalize the feats of Kerch liberators, soldiers of the Maritime Army and Azov naval flotilla a 3-edged obelisk, 24m high was erected in 1944 on top of Mitridat Mount under design of the architect Ginzburg. The monument is based on a massive socle shaped as a trefoil whose edges have76-mm guns that used to fight for Kerch.

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